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Frequently Asked Questions - Traffic Counsel, LLC

My name is David Koonce and I’m a Missouri attorney. I live in St. Louis, but can provide recommendations to any court listed on the fees page.

Affordable, convenient resolution of your routine traffic matters.

We charge $35 for routine traffic issues.  There are costs associated with various courts, and typically between $3-$12.  If the court where you received your traffic ticket charges these fees, they will appear on your invoice.  We will tell you about fees before proceeding.

More information can be found on the Fees page.

Please use the form on Contact or Home page to quickly send us a message.  You can also chat with us during business hours on the link in the lower right, or call 1-636-388-8461

No.  Separate from the attorney fee, you will still have to pay the actual ticket.  Most recommendations have a higher fee than the original ticket.  A reasonable estimate of the recommendation fine is to double the original ticket.

Submit general information about your ticket, including date, violation, and court on the contact page.  We will contact you via email or phone to confirm the details of your ticket.  Then we will submit your ticket for recommendation. Finally, once we have received the recommendation, we will send you our invoice and the recommendation.

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If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate contact us for more information.