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Speeding Tickets

Going too fast? We can help you avoid insurance rate spikes.

Suspended License

Is your license suspended? We can help restore your driving privileges.

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Pleading guilty to a drug related charge can permanently change your life.  Call us now to learn how we can help.

  • “Excellent and most affordable Traffic Attorney!! David is amazing, he got my speeding ticket amended to a no point offense. I may have lost my driving license for one month but for him. He is very prompt and very thorough in his approach. Highly recommended and I will definitely recommend him to all my friends.”

  • “Following too close ticket involved in an accident reduced. Process is easy to utilize and Mr. Koonce is responsive. I hope we don’t need again but recommend his service and would use again. Thanks.”
    Nancy V.

  • “I needed a lawyer to help me with a traffic ticket and had a hard time finding just the right one. I came across Traffic Counsel’s website and heard back immediately from David Koonce. David offered advice for me and took care of my traffic issues quickly, easily and professionally. I would recommend Traffic Counsel and David’s service to anyone looking for a traffic lawyer!”
    Tanja B.

  • “Traffic Counsel, LLC did a wonderful job for me by having my speeding ticket reduced, so I wouldn’t get points taken off my license. He was very good to text me and keep me updated. Very pleased with his work!”
    Belinda C.

  • “David was very helpful. I received tickets while in St Louis for the holidays. Found out just days before that I would not be able to make it back in time for the court date . Not only was he knowledgeable and helpful but he also took care of everything with little notice.”
    Greg J.

Need Detailed Information on Missouri Traffic Law?

Missouri employs a point based system that can cause significant increases to insurance premiums and possible revocation of a license if too many points are accumulated in a period.

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