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Frequently Asked Questions - Tickets & Recommendations

At Traffic Counsel, we work with 244 courts around Missouri. The listing of courts can be found on the Fees page.  We also are able to work with other courts in and around the St. Louis County area..

Our focus at Traffic Counsel, LLC, is simple, routine traffic matters. By keeping our focus narrow, we are better able to serve you, and keep our costs down. We pass these savings on to you, and are able to charge you less. We can help you with other traffic matters, such as DUI’s and driving while suspended. Please contact us about your legal needs.

Most minor traffic violations result in 1-3 points.  Please see Missouri’s Traffic Points for more information on Missouri traffic law.

By retaining Traffic Counsel, LLC, as your attorney in this legal issue, your presence in court is generally not required.m.

In general, we require at least a week to obtain a recommendation on your behalf.  If your court date is less than one week away, please contact us.  There are ways to pay many routine traffic tickets online and avoid potentially having a warrant for your arrest issued.

Since your court date passed without you showing up in court, a warrant was likely issued.  Please contact us immediately.  Many of these issues can be resolved.

A recommendation is an offer, by the prosecutor, to change the charged violation to a different violation.  Typically the change is from a violation that has points to one without points, but with a higher fine.

Most recommendations are received within 1-2 months.  By submitting your ticket to Traffic Counsel, LLC, we will promptly contact the prosecutor to obtain a recommendation on your behalf.  Typically, the court date is changed as well.

The specific charge is at the discretion of the prosecutor.  Common recommendations are defective equipment and illegal parking.

A warrant will be issued for your arrest.  Furthermore, the recommendation will expire and will default to the original ticket.

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If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate contact us for more information.